Ace your Interviews

Frustrated you're getting rejected after job interviews?

Been really excited for a job opportunity, but had your dreams crushed from failing an interview? 

Know you can do the job, but still get rejected at interviews because of unconscious mistakes?

Joy Randolph's "Interview Succes" online course will help you finally ace your interviews and get multiple job offers. 

Discover how to look like the right fit, perform your best in interviews and show companies why they should hire you and increase your salary by up to 40%.

Read on to discover what you'll learn in this course.


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Here's what I'll be teaching...


Brand yourself as the right fit

Find out what recruiters are looking for when interviewing you and how to brand yourself as the dream hire for the job.


Give the best answers to interview questions

Find out the best answers to tough interview questions and convince hiring managers you're the best person for the job.


Perform your best in your interviews 

Learn how to be your most confident in your interviews. Say goodbye to interview nerves and win hiring managers over with your best self. 


Get a salary increase of up to 40%  

Show hiring managers you're so valuable, they give you the highest possible job offer. Negotiate a salary increase of up to 40%, and get perks important to you.


Buy now for £99.99

Success Stories

Stella had been looking for a job for 7 months and wasn't getting job offers.  

After watching the videos in this course, she passed her interviews and got an amazing job offer.  

Watch her tell her story in the video above.  

- Stella, Masters Graduate

"My new job increased my salary by 50% "  

I was working for a company making redundancies. My work visa was expiring in 30 days and the pressure was on. But I didn't want just any job. I wanted to progress in my career.

After this course, I got the job I wanted and a new visa! The company has a better culture, the role is more senior and increased my salary by 50%. It's easier to provide for my family.

Ian - Experienced Professional

"I got the job and a 40% pay increase" 

I was working for a company with a toxic culture and I hated my job. I wanted to change careers but kept getting told I was too inexperienced. I was ready to give up.

This course turned things around so quickly. In 4 weeks, I got the job offer I wanted, increased my salary by 40%, got great perks and I now live a way more comfortable life.  

Anne - Anonymous Mid-level Professional Changing Careers

"I got the job I really wanted in one month"  

I graduated top in my class and my parents, teachers and classmates expected me to get a good job. But I kept getting rejected and I felt I was falling behind.

The strategies in this course changed everything. I started getting interviews for jobs I wasn't qualified for and finally got a job that made me happy.

Chen - Masters Graduate

"Yes, I got the job in one month"  

Prior to doing the course, I wasn't getting job offers. I'd been applying for a very long time and was on financial aid. I didn't know what to do.

Thank God, one day found Joy's videos on YouTube and I did this course. I got a new job within a month and I finally felt more confident and excited for my future.

Pacell - Anonymous Unemployed Graduate


Buy now for £99.99


How do I know this course will work for me?  

This course is for you if one of the following apply:

  • You're a graduate looking for a professional job
  • You're changing careers 
  • You're an ambitious professional applying for a more senior role
  • You've been looking for a job for a while 
  • You want a job you enjoy, are skilled in and that increases your income

How soon after buying the course can I do job interviews?  

You'll be ready for job interviews by the next day. 

What if I have questions and need more one-on-one guidance?  

I'm here to support you in getting the job. You can ask me any anything about yor interviews, and I'll give you personalised guidance. 

How do I access the course?  

It's an online course you can access any time, any where. You'll have a website link and can access all your lessons on any laptop, tablet or phone. 

The price is in British Pounds. Will the payment go through if I pay in another currency?  

Yes. You can pay for this course using any debit or credit card from any where in the world. No matter what currency your card is in, the payment will still go through.



Hello! I'm Joy Randolph

I'm your girl for all things personal branding. My main obsession is showing women how to brand themselves to get the job they want, increase their income and be seen as experts in their field. 

On YouTube, over 175,000 women have used my strategies to get the job they want. 

The highlight of my day is getting women RESULTS! I love it when clients email me to say they got their dream job and increased their salary.

My journey began when I worked as a Branding Consultant for global companies such as L'Oreal, Unilever & Nike. Friends asked me how I got my job and how they can brand themselves to stand out and get hired.

Friends that used my tips got the job within weeks and a pay raise of up to 40%. When this happened consistently, I realised I stumbled upon a personal branding formula. 

This inspired me to create my YouTube channel and spend my time researching the most effective ways to get your dream job and progress in your career.

Within a year, my YouTube channel gained almost 5,000 subscribers and my inbox got filled with questions from women asking for my help.

There's only so much I can say in a YouTube video, and as a new mum, there are only so many clients I can work with privately.

And so the Interview Success course was born! A course with all my strategies, steps and resources for passing your interviews and increasing your salary by up to 40%. 

My dream is to see as many women as possible in senior positions at work. My goal is to help as many women as I can get there.  

Join the thousands of women around the world training with me to get their new job and create the life they want!


Learn how to you pass your interviews, get job offers and negotiate a salary increase of up to 40%! 

Access the Interview Success course today