Ready for a career change but not sure what to do next?

Stop feeling stuck. It's time you get clear on what job you'll be most passionate doing and how to find it. This Career Change Workbook will ask you all the questions that'll help you figure out what job to do next. 

  • Created for professionals as well as graduates 
  • Filled with questions that'll help you find your path 
  • Get clear on what job to do next
  • Bonus checklist for how to best apply for the job
  • Only £29.99

“When my business failed I needed a new job but didn't know what to do next. Answering the quesions in this workbook helped me figure out my next step and increased my salary by 40%.”  

Ian, Product Manager

“I needed to make a decision about what to do after graduating. I knew what I could do but I didn't know which job would make me happiest and most successful. This workbook helped me figure it out.”  

Jane, Graduate